SteamKick!… Nope, that’s not it either.

So I have a confession to make. I haven’t come up with a title yet. I tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end it didn’t even matter. But really outdated song references aside, the most important thing is that we keep on kickin’ and we keep on… steamin? It’ll come to me someday, but for now here are this weeks candidates.


Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a first person survival shooter being developed by independent developers Big Robot. Your character is stranded on an archipelago and is desperately trying to escape. But in order to do so you must evade/combat robotic sentry’s that roam the land, loot nearby abandoned villages for supplies, and collect fragments of a mysterious machine that will supposedly allow you to leave.

Do you like stealth? Do you like exploring an open world that is generated as you go, almost guaranteeing you’ll never have the same experience twice? Then why is your money not making contact with your screen? Sir, You Are Being Hunted is exactly the direction what I need to get me into the survival shooter genre. While I can understand the popularity of games like DayZ which provide feeling of never-ending gameplay, I feel that having an overall goal to work towards, other than staying alive, makes the experience, and the amount of time spent killing and collecting all that more worth it.

As of this article being posted the project has reached £80,637 of its £40,000 pound goal. After reaching twice its original goal it’s more than safe to say that this game will be finished.  By pledging £10 or approximately $16 you can pre-order the game and receive it before launch  If you decide to pledge more I highly recommend researching the conversion rate between your country’s currency and that of the pound sterling.


Primordia is a point and click adventure in development by Wadjet Eye Games who have over the recent years have made a name for them selves by producing some of the greatest point in click adventures in the market. Some of you may remember titles such as Gemini rue, The Blackwell Deception, and more recently Resonance. While challenging puzzles have always been to draw of the genre, Wadjet Eye has always put a heavy emphasis on story and Primordia doesn’t appear to be any different

Set in a post-apocalyptic world strewn with cast-off machines, Primordia tells the story of Horatio Nullbuilt, a stoic robot who values his solitude and independence. Horatio spends his days studying the Book of Man, sparring with his droid companion Crispin, and tinkering with the airship they call home—a peaceful existence that becomes threatened when a rogue robot steals the energy source that the pair needs to survive. When Horatio and Crispin’s search for energy brings them to the dazzling city of Metropol, the simple quest to recover their stolen power core leads to unexpected discoveries about Horatio’s origins and a new understanding of the legendary humans who walked the earth before him.

If you want to help Primodia make it on steams next greenlight line up then click the link above and vote!

Well that’s it for this week guys If you have any suggestions for future candidates then feel free to post them in the comments and I swear by next week I will have a name for this series of articles. Have a good week!

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