Uncharted and Subway make horrible commercials

For the month of October, Naughty Dog and Subway have teamed up and are running a promotion where, if you buy a specially marked Uncharted subway cup, you get a code you can put into Subway’s website and receive another code that you put into the PSN, which allows you to play the multiplayer of Uncharted 3 early.

Although it’s a hassle to put in a code, just to get a another code to put in, the whole idea is a huge success. Before, I would only go to subway if the mood hit me, but now there’s incentive to go. How many other lunch meals allows you to unlock a good chunk of a game early? And if you get the same cups, you unlock other rewards and in-game cash.

But then I saw the commercial, and I felt deep in my heart’s brain embarrassed for Naughty Dog. It begs the question: Do you have THE TASTE FOR ADVENTURE?!

After seeing that, you’re either laughing, or embarrassed at such blatant product placement. (For the record, the funnest parts were when Drake was falling out of a plane, but still made it a priority to catch his drink, and at the end with the badly photoshopped sub and drink. OUCHHH!)

Naughty Dog… tsk tsk… It’s bad enough that you’re basically selling out, putting in-game subway shirts and hats, and making subway coins “treasures” but there’s no reason to whore out the now-iconic protagonist.

But after all that is said in done, Naughty Dog and subway still managed to pull off product placement better than most of everyone else, and you can bet I’ll be playing more of the multiplayer, and buying the cups so I can get a code to get a code.

Be sure to keep checking Game Over, You Suck for more posts. If, of course, you have the TASTE FOR ADVENTURE!

About Chris "Kodoku" Detrick

Hello, my name is Chris Eric Detrick and I'm a currently a student at Virginia Commonwealth University and a freelance video game writer. I'm stationed out in Richmond, Virginia and looking for work. My blog has been featured in Freshly Pressed and since then I have only grown as a writer and journalist. You can contact me via email: chrisericdetrick@gmail.com
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