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Hello, my name is Chris Eric Detrick and I'm a currently a student at Virginia Commonwealth University and a freelance video game writer. I'm stationed out in Richmond, Virginia and looking for work. My blog has been featured in Freshly Pressed and since then I have only grown as a writer and journalist. You can contact me via email:

Making My Own Tabletop Role-playing Game

I love playing tabletop role-playing games. Nearly every week for the past six or so years me and my group of friends have played several types of games, such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and World of Darkness. Like most … Continue reading

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Far Cry 4: World Of Pure Imagination

    Far Cry 4 was just given a release date and this promotional art. Never really cared for the series, but apparently this one will star a new type of insane villain… Photo courtesy of Brian Altano and pulled … Continue reading

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier; Altruism vs Utilitarianism

School is over for the spring semester, which means I am now free to see ALL THE SUPERHERO MOVIES EVER! And like everyone else on WordPress with a blog, I saw Captain America 2, and now I must write about … Continue reading

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How I Met Peter Carrell And Joined The Development Process

First, may I say that I love WordPress? I’ve been on the site for over two years, but it’s only in my recent come-back to the blog that I’ve begun forming bonds with other people. I realized I just love … Continue reading

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Character Creation: Lynd the Arisen (Dragon’s Dogma) Part 1

I enjoy storytelling in video games, and I find people who don’t appreciate them or simply skip all cut scenes to be weird alien creatures who are possibly missing the point of video games. I love the story and lore … Continue reading

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Artsy Fartsy: Congrats to What’s Your Tag? For Two Years!

Congrats goes to the awesome folks at the blog What’s Your Tag?! The guys there are awesome, and their blog is everything I would want mine to be if I decided to keep trying to make Game Over You Suck … Continue reading

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Q&A With Indie Developer Evan Barmes

Gaming is one of the most single-handedly rapidly growing industries. This is an industry where a “generation” means around five years, and in that time, the previous become so obsolete that something from ten to fifteen years ago can seem … Continue reading

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Dark Souls 2 Review

Dark Souls 2 takes two steps forward, and one step back, but even then it’s moving forward for the series.     ((The following review was composed with a 1000 limit and represents an example of a review I would … Continue reading

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Personal Opinions: What Is Wrong With Bravely Default

I put “Personal Opinions” to justify why I don’t pitch an article to some paying outlet. Here, I wanna talk about the games I recently finished and what I take out of the game when all is said and done. … Continue reading

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Life After Kodoku

Been a while since my last post, hasn’t it? Well, since my last post, I’ve graduated from the community college I went to, and started attending Virginia Commonwealth University as a full-time Mass Communications/Printed Journalism student. My life has been … Continue reading

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