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How I Met Peter Carrell And Joined The Development Process

First, may I say that I love WordPress? I’ve been on the site for over two years, but it’s only in my recent come-back to the blog that I’ve begun forming bonds with other people. I realized I just love … Continue reading

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Character Creation: Lynd the Arisen (Dragon’s Dogma) Part 1

I enjoy storytelling in video games, and I find people who don’t appreciate them or simply skip all cut scenes to be weird alien creatures who are possibly missing the point of video games. I love the story and lore … Continue reading

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Artsy Fartsy: Congrats to What’s Your Tag? For Two Years!

Congrats goes to the awesome folks at the blog What’s Your Tag?! The guys there are awesome, and their blog is everything I would want mine to be if I decided to keep trying to make Game Over You Suck … Continue reading

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Personal Opinions: What Is Wrong With Bravely Default

I put “Personal Opinions” to justify why I don’t pitch an article to some paying outlet. Here, I wanna talk about the games I recently finished and what I take out of the game when all is said and done. … Continue reading

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Life After Kodoku

Been a while since my last post, hasn’t it? Well, since my last post, I’ve graduated from the community college I went to, and started attending Virginia Commonwealth University as a full-time Mass Communications/Printed Journalism student. My life has been … Continue reading

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Delver’s Drop Q&A With Vision/Creative Director of Pixelscopic, Ryan Baker

A few days back I happened upon an interesting looking indie title call Delver’s Drop. It caught my because of its top down, hack in slash nature which was very reminiscent of the early games of the Zelda series such as Link to The Past and … Continue reading

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Comics: Pee-U!

The WiiU has just been released, and consumers can’t get enough of it. Despite my apathy towards it, the market as spoken, and it’s release signals the new console generation. Like with any release, there are a few flaws and … Continue reading

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The Opening That Blew My Young Mind Forever

I love opening cutscenes in video games for various reasons. For one, it’s designed to be a hook to draw me into the video game, either with gameplay or setting the stage for the story. And secondly, normally the theme … Continue reading

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Analyzing Pirating Games

Hey, welcome back. You look beautiful. I pretty much spent the weekend doing homework and watching JonTron videos. If you haven’t checked him out, please do. But while watching his DinoCity video, I found myself overcome with a wave of … Continue reading

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Best Buy Claims Madden Will Now Feature Chain Kills, Pickpocketing, And Exciting Canoe Action

Something so great, I had to post: According to Best Buy’s website for Madden NFL 13 Bundle for the Vita, Madden will feature impressive features. I’m not normally a fan of football, or sports games for that matter, but new … Continue reading

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