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Personal Opinions: What Is Wrong With Bravely Default

I put “Personal Opinions” to justify why I don’t pitch an article to some paying outlet. Here, I wanna talk about the games I recently finished and what I take out of the game when all is said and done. … Continue reading

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Comics: Pee-U!

The WiiU has just been released, and consumers can’t get enough of it. Despite my apathy towards it, the market as spoken, and it’s release signals the new console generation. Like with any release, there are a few flaws and … Continue reading

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First Impression: Paper Mario Sticker Star

Disclaimer: This is a first impression, by which I ¬†am in no way reviewing the game, only giving my opinion on what I’ve played so far and what I feel does and does not work within in the game. Well … Continue reading

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Nintendo Power Magazine Is Ending

Nintendo Power, one of the few remaining video game magazines, is ending after 24 years. Printed media is becoming more and more obsolete with the world at everyone’s fingertips. It’s still sad to see something predominate in my childhood now … Continue reading

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