Nintendo Power Magazine Is Ending

Nintendo Power, one of the few remaining video game magazines, is ending after 24 years.

Printed media is becoming more and more obsolete with the world at everyone’s fingertips. It’s still sad to see something predominate in my childhood now closing it’s doors.

Nintendo Power was formally published in-house by Nintendo Of America, then went independent. NP was then contracted by Future US, who would use a license agreement. As of August 21st, 2012, Nintendo opted out of renewing the agreement, effectively ending Nintendo Power.

Offical statement is:
“Nintendo can confirm that Future US will end the production of Nintendo Power magazine with the last issue slated for December 2012. For Nintendo Power subscription inquiries, please visit Check out Nintendo at, on Facebook at or on Twitter @nintendoamerica.”

When I was a kid, I lived with my Dad. He would take me to go grocery shopping with him, and when I wasn’t sitting under the basket area, pretending I was in Star Fox 64, I was at the magazines reading Nintendo Power. Eventually, my Dad got me a subscription here and there through the years, and we would both marvel at the great items they would send. Once, I even got the Ocarina of Time soundtrack, and would play the room/house theme on loop, driving my step sisters crazy.

I’m sad to see it go, despite me not having a subscription for a long time, but gaming blogs and websites are taking over, and printed media is getting less and less love. I wish they would go EGM’s route and, instead of making a magazine, would re-launch as a website.

The last issue will be launching in December. I might just pick it up.

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