Life After Kodoku

Been a while since my last post, hasn’t it?

Well, since my last post, I’ve graduated from the community college I went to, and started attending Virginia Commonwealth University as a full-time Mass Communications/Printed Journalism student.

unnamed (1)

My life has been a series of papers, readings, quizzes, and exams, and I hardly have free time on top of all my other obligations in my life. But on top of all that, I realized that this blog wasn’t going to do what I wanted it to. There would be no way I could make this blog into a central hub and a launching point for my career. Actually, it could have very well been possible, but I decided I would instead try to take the freelance approach, as I could dabble in freelancing while still attending college. Plus, it would be a great portfolio builder.

So this blog fell by the wayside. If it only affected me then that would be fine, but unfortunately in hopes of expanding the blog,  geekbabel joined and was very enthusiastic about doing the work. He was professional and great to work with, and I’m sorry we haven’t even kept in touch. It is entirely my fault.

And likewise, we both received copies of a review code for Big Sky Infinity by the awesome developers at Boss Baddie. The understanding was that we would both cover the game in our own ways, and thus get the word out for the indie title. Unfortunately, things piled up one after another, and despite geekbabel writing up a preview for it, the understanding was that I edit all posts, and since I wasn’t around, the preview was never posted. So, as stated before, it really was my fault things fell through the cracks.

So I’d like to personally apologize to both geekbabel and the excellent people at Boss Baddie who took a chance on us, and I ultimately let down.

(P.S. Big Sky Infinity is a great shoot em’ up and lends itself well to the Vita twin sticks.)

So after all that’s said and done, what’s next for Game Over You Suck, and myself? Well, this blog will be less ambitious, more personal, and will also track any freelance work I do. It will become a place were people can contact me both personally and professionally.

I myself will start to look for freelance work part-time, while I full-time attend school. Originally I went with the name Chris Kodoku to make myself stand out from other journalist, but for the sake of professionalism, I’ll be going by my actual name; Chris Detrick.

The imp mask I always drew myself wearing was apart of the Kodoku mentality to make myself stand out. I still enjoy the imp mask look as an image, so much so that I actually made a physical mask. The idea was that I would wear it for interviews or streams somehow. The mask itself is solid and has no way to view through it, and besides that, it would be super unprofessional to interview a developer while wearing a silly looking blue mask. So I won’t be exclusively having the mask as an image relating to myself. But I’ll likely be keeping the imp mask as an image for the blog and myself on this blog.

About 10 hours of work right here.

About 10 hours of work right here.

So what does it all mean from here for you? Well, hopefully more timely updates and more communication to me. I love talking to people about video games, writing, anything nerdy really. If you are a game developer who for some sheer reason or coincidence reads this, I am an eager freelance writer and I would likely love to interview you.

Either way, you can contact me at or through wordpress here.

About Chris "Kodoku" Detrick

Hello, my name is Chris Eric Detrick and I'm a currently a student at Virginia Commonwealth University and a freelance video game writer. I'm stationed out in Richmond, Virginia and looking for work. My blog has been featured in Freshly Pressed and since then I have only grown as a writer and journalist. You can contact me via email:
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