Hello there, it’s been a bit since I’ve last posted. Did you do something to your hair? It’s radiant.

I’ve recently been attending school and I’ve started a team of friends that play games, record it and their antics, edit out the mostly boring parts, and put it on youtube. I kind of became responsible for planning, organizing, and editing videos.



We have no idea what any of us are doing. I watch youtube videos like Game Grumps, JonTron, Pewdiepie, Two Best Friends Play, and so many others, and think “I want to do this”.

But I feel a bit overwhelmed with how much I want to do, versus what is available. I am unhappy with the videos thus for, for reasons such as audio (which continues to be a thorn in Einhander’s side), video quality, the lack of interesting graphics, and lack of time. Yet, I feel compelled to continue. I feel like there is so much I feel I should make better, versus what I can make better. And with almost no one watching, as I said before, I feel a bit overwhelmed.

But despite all that, you can expect to see more videos for the future, including Kirby Super Star and Dark Messiah: Of Might & Magic.

About Chris "Kodoku" Detrick

Hello, my name is Chris Eric Detrick and I'm a currently a student at Virginia Commonwealth University and a freelance video game writer. I'm stationed out in Richmond, Virginia and looking for work. My blog has been featured in Freshly Pressed and since then I have only grown as a writer and journalist. You can contact me via email: chrisericdetrick@gmail.com
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