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I’ve been neglecting this blog. For that, I’m sorry. But I attend college full-time, nearing my associates degree, and I write articles here and there for PSHome Gazette. I haven’t forgotten about Game Over You Suck at all though. I’ve also haven’t played much recently.

But these are all excuses.

This blog has been about my journey to become a gaming journalist, and it always has been. Well, a friend of mine talked to me about doing a guest article, because he wishes to do the same. After contemplating, I asked him to join the blog as an author.

This blog is an outlet to writing in an informal way, and a means to talk freely and as opinionated as I want. So it’s a great low pressure way to get the feet wet in games journalism.

And I’ve also liked the idea of a team, and having someone else write articles here will motivate me to not neglect the blog.

So introducing Ryan Hicks, aka, Babel!

Drawn with a mouse and a paint program, as I don’t have any better tools.
Why does he wear a mask? Who knows. Masks look silly.

So, care to introduce yourself?

Well I’ve never been one for long speeches so I think I’ll keep
this short, sweet and to the point. I’m Ryan Hicks, Things I
like and things I hate… I don’t feel like telling you that.
My dreams of the future… never really thought about it. As
for my hobbies, I have lots of hobbies.

OK OK! Sorry I couldn’t resist. But seriously, I’m glad to be joining team
GOYS and happy that I get to share my opinions and create
content for its readers. I hope I can be informative and
provide you a window. into the world of gaming.

What would you say are your favorite types of games?

I love JRPG’s such as Breath of Fire, Grandia, Children of Mana, and the “Tales of” series but i play a variety of games from FPS like Call of Duty to 2D puzzle platformers like Super Meat Boy.

What do you hope to do with Game Over You Suck?

Like Chris has previously stated, GOYS is an outlet through which we can share information and our opinions with a mass number of people. I hope that in the future I can make connections with a lot of people whether they be veterans of the industry or one of our readers. Also this will be a good chance to hone my skills as a journalist and to learn more about the gaming industry as a whole.

Any closing comments?

Thank you, Chris, for this opportunity, and I wont let you down. But enough with the formalities. Grab you master swords and eat a mushroom boys and girls. It’s gonna be a wild ride 🙂

About Chris "Kodoku" Detrick

Hello, my name is Chris Eric Detrick and I'm a currently a student at Virginia Commonwealth University and a freelance video game writer. I'm stationed out in Richmond, Virginia and looking for work. My blog has been featured in Freshly Pressed and since then I have only grown as a writer and journalist. You can contact me via email:
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